O’Malley Plumbing & Irrigation Supply carries a large selection of agricultural irrigation products to service the needs of the local Ag community. We keep large inventory on a very wide range of Agricultural products so that when you need a part, we have it here and it is ready right now. We are competitively priced and our customer service is unmatched in the Imperial Valley. View the commercial below for more information. Our products include:


  • Aluminum Mainline Pipe
  • Aluminum Sprinkler Pipe
  • Aluminum Fittings, Strainers and Valves
  • Aluminum Hose Fittings
  • Aluminum Siphon and Row Tubes
  • Agricultural Pumps
  • Agricultural Pumps Repair Parts
  • Brass Impact Sprinklers, Weather Tec, Buckner, Rain Bird
  • Brass Sprinkler Replacement Parts, Arms, Wedges, Pins and more
  • Camlock Fittings
  • Canal Slide Gates
  • Canal Ditch Checks
  • Corrugated Pipe
  • Drain Fittings In a Wide Range of sizes and types
  • Drain Pipe, SDR-35, C900, Perforated, Corrugated and Solid Drain
  • Drip Tape from T-Tape, Chapin‚Äôs, Aquatrax
  • Flanges and Flanged Fittings
  • Gaskets and Gasketed fittings
  • MP Rotator Sprinklers
  • Nelson Windfighters
  • Rubber Couplings, Ferncos and Caps
  • Valves: Actuated, Butterfly, Gate, Solenoid, Ball and more
  • Yardney Filters

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